Cyber Volunteers Concept

Cyber Space provides platform for plethora of ever growing content where each user has authority to upload and download content of choice, in general without getting noticed by law enforcement agencies. Many times such content may be against the basic community standards, against national security, aimed at causing social unrest or communal conflicts. For any society to feel safe and secure, citizen support enhances the efficacy of police efforts. It is in this context that an opportunity for public to be eyes and ears of police has been made available by Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C) established under Ministry of Home affairs (MHA) to act as a nodal point at National level in the fight against cybercrime by providing a platform to deal with cybercrimes in a coordinated and comprehensive manner. Cyber Crime Volunteer Program aims to bring together citizens having passion to serve the society in making the cyber space clean and safe to access. Good Samaritans are welcome to register as cyber crime volunteer and report unlawful content for facilitating law enforcement agencies in getting such content removed/disabled for access.